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Auto Finesse One Step Compound
One Step All-in-One Compound

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The ultimate single-stage car polish for paint correction, One Step All-in-One Compound is a speedy detailing game-changer that offers the easy way to remove swirl marks and other harsh defects, and finish down to a near flawless finish, in one simple step.

Corrects heavy swirls & finishes flawlessly in one step
Suitable for all gloss paints & clearcoats; no fillers added
Uses diminishing abrasives for a full range of correction
VAT Included
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One Step All-in-One Compound: Ultimate Single-Stage Car Polish

Comprehensive Paint Correction in One Simple Step

One Step All-in-One Compound revolutionizes car detailing by offering a complete paint correction solution in a single application. This heavy-hitting machine polishing compound efficiently removes swirl marks and defects, restores paintwork, and refines it down to a near-perfect finish. It’s the epitome of easy and effective paint correction, saving both time and effort.

Designed for DA Machine Polishers

Specifically formulated for dual action (DA) machine polishers, One Step allows for comprehensive paint correction—from coarse cutting and restoration to polishing and fine refinement—without the need to switch between multiple polishing sets and pads. This next-generation compound simplifies the polishing process while delivering exceptional results.

Optimal Use of One Step Compound

To maximize the effectiveness of the One Step compound, adapting your polishing technique to its unique properties is crucial. This game-changing product requires understanding its operation to achieve the best results. Here are some useful tips to help you get the most out of this advanced compound:

  • Use on all gloss, painted, or lacquered surfaces.
  • Ideal for correcting clear coat, gloss plastic finishes, and lacquered or gelcoat carbon fiber parts.
  • Leaves a true finish without waxes, glossing agents, or fillers, making it perfect for preparation before applying protective layers like SiO2-based ceramic coatings.

Application Recommendations and Safety Tips

  • Ensure the surface is clean and dry before application.
  • Avoid application in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
  • Always store the product upright.

Why Choose One Step?

One Step is not just a conventional compound; it is packed with special diminishing abrasives that start as a coarse cutting agent and refine to a fine polishing agent as you work it through with your machine polisher. This allows the compound to adapt through all levels of cutting and polishing, ensuring a flawless finish without the need for multiple stages.

One Step is also free from waxes, glossing agents, or fillers, ensuring a true finish that's perfect for subsequent protective applications. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of surfaces and paint types, including modern multi-stage paintwork and vintage single-stage color topcoats.

For further insights into achieving flawless paint correction with One Step and exploring more advanced techniques, refer to our comprehensive guide – "All Car Polishes Explained."

One Step All-in-One Compound is available in 250ml and 500ml bottles, ideal for use with our range of dual action polishers and tailored polishing pads, ensuring you achieve professional-level results every time. Discover more about our full range of polishes and paint correction products in our Polishing category.

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