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Auto Finesse Eliminator
Scratch Remover

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Achieve a high-gloss, swirl-free finish effortlessly with this advanced hand polishing compound, designed to remove fine scratches and paint defects. Its unique diminishing abrasives work efficiently by hand, perfect for detailed scratch removal on all gloss paint types without the need for machine polishing.

Removes fine scratches & defects by hand; high-gloss finish
Ideal for all gloss paints with diminishing abrasives
Easy application, perfect for targeted scratch removal
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Eliminator Scratch Remover: Advanced Polishing Compound

Effortless Scratch and Defect Removal

Eliminator Scratch Remover is an advanced polishing compound designed for easy hand application to quickly remove fine scratches. This compound effectively eliminates paint defects, leaving behind a high-gloss, swirl-free finish. It is the easiest car polish for swiftly correcting minor blemishes and scratches by hand.

Innovative Formula for Enhanced Efficiency

Developed for use on all gloss paint types, Eliminator Scratch Remover is enhanced with special diminishing abrasives that break down during use. These microscopic abrasive particles collide, diminishing into finer abrasives, which allow for a gradual and thorough polish. Unlike traditional compounds requiring a machine polisher, Eliminator is specially formulated to work effectively with minimal pressure, making it perfect for hand application.

Perfect for Precise Application Areas

This compound is ideal for removing bumper scuffs, liner abrasion from hedges, and targeted scratch removal in small or awkward areas such as under door handles and in jambs and shuts. Its unique ability to remove the area around a scratch until it seamlessly blends with the surrounding surface ensures that defects disappear, leaving a smooth, shiny clearcoat layer.

Usage and Safety Guidelines

  • Safety Precautions: Avoid breathing dust during application.
  • Application Tips: Do not apply in direct sunlight or in extreme temperatures to ensure optimal results.
  • Storage Instructions: Always store the product upright to prevent leakage and preserve its quality.

Key Benefits

  • Developed specifically for targeted scratch and defect removal.
  • Quick and easy to apply and work through by hand.
  • Ideal for addressing light bumper scuffs, abrasions from hedges, and precise scratch removal in difficult-to-reach areas.

Use Eliminator Scratch Remover to restore your car’s paintwork to its original pristine condition with ease and precision.

How to use
Shake well before use.
Apply 2-3 pea-size drops to a microfibre pad - or a single drop on a clean microfibre cloth for tighter areas.
Work into the targeted area using forward and back motions, applying medium pressure, until residue turns clear.
Wipe away residue immediately with a fresh microfibre cloth.

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