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GYEON Q²M WheelMitt
Ergonomic Wheel Wash Mitt

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Dedicated mitt for all types & shapes of wheels.

Ergonomic glove for precise rim cleaning
Durable, with 1250 GSM and enhanced cleaning fibers
Safe, soft, comfortable, made from Korean material
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Ergonomic Wheel Wash Mitt

Introducing the Q²M WheelMitt EVO, an ergonomically designed, glove-shaped mitt specifically crafted for cleaning rims and hard-to-reach areas. Boasting an ergonomic shape and made from durable materials, the Q²M WheelMitt is engineered to last and streamline the washing process. It now incorporates a trio of fibre types and boasts a GSM of 1250. Thanks to the addition of twist loop fibres, its cleaning efficiency surpasses that of its predecessor.

Ergonomic & Safe: The Q²M WheelMitt EVO emphasizes safety, softness, and comfort, extending durability with its innovative fibre types. Designed to glide smoothly over surfaces, it safely entraps dirt particles, enhancing the "lubricated" feel of the washing process. Equipped with an ergonomic welt, the mitt stays securely on your hand, preventing slips or drops. Crafted from genuine Korean material and custom sewn by Gyeon, this mitt is a testament to quality and effectiveness. Care instructions include hand washing only at a maximum of 30°C, avoiding tumble drying, ironing, and bleaching.

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