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GYEON Q²M CeramicDetailer
SiO₂-based detailer

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Experience the ultimate convenience with Q²M CeramicDetailer, blending the efficiency of spray sealants with quick detailer ease, designed for both wet and dry surfaces to enhance your vehicle's appearance, whether coated or uncoated.

SiO₂-based detailer for coated cars, glossy finish
Easy application, works on dry or wet surfaces
Suitable for all exteriors, lasts up to 6 weeks
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Slick and Glossy SiO₂ Detailer

Q²M CeramicDetailer stands as the optimal maintenance product for ceramic-coated cars, bridging the best attributes of spray sealants and regular quick detailers. This unique combination is also the inspiration behind its name.

Easy to Use

Q²M CeramicDetailer maintains the user-friendly nature of our renowned Q²M QuickDetailer. It is versatile, usable both on dry and wet paint, showcasing its potential as a drying aid. Applicable to every exterior surface, whether coated or not, it ensures convenience and effectiveness.

  • Durability: Up to 6 weeks 
  • Consumption: 40-50ml/car
Pro Tips
Q²M CeramicDetailer has the primary function of increasing slickness, gloss and adding hydrophobic properties. TIP: Spray a liberate amount of product on a damp Q²M PolishWipe, rub the product on the surface and perfect the finish with a dry Q²M SoftWipe.

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