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Auto Finesse Wipe Out
Interior Disinfectant

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This versatile cleaning and disinfecting solution is perfect for use on most interior surfaces, including plastic, vinyl, fabric, and leather. It effectively eliminates bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses, leaving behind a light natural shine. Thanks to its antistatic properties, it also helps reduce dust accumulation, ensuring your vehicle's interior remains pristine and hygienic.

Kills 99.99% of germs on interior surfaces
Fresh fragrance with a simple spray and wipe use
Safe on plastic, vinyl, fabric, and leather
VAT Included
In stock
Ultra-fast shipping

Wipe Out Interior Disinfectant: Ultimate Cleaner for High-Contact Vehicle Areas

Effective Germ and Bacteria Elimination

Wipe Out Interior Disinfectant is designed as a master cleaner specifically for high-contact areas within vehicles, such as steering wheels, interior door handles, and gear knobs. It effectively kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria, making it an essential tool for any vehicle detailing process.

Fresh Fragrance and Safe on Various Surfaces

Not only does Wipe Out eliminate harmful germs and bacteria, but it also leaves behind a pleasant fresh fragrance after cleaning. This product is exceptionally versatile and safe for use on a wide range of interior surfaces including plastic, vinyl, fabric, and leather. Whether you're detailing a car interior or just doing a quick clean-up, Wipe Out provides a thorough sanitization without harming the surface material.

User-Friendly Application

The simple spray-and-wipe formula makes Wipe Out easy to use. For effective cleaning, you can either spray it directly onto the surface or apply it to a microfiber towel before wiping down the surfaces. This flexibility in application ensures that you can efficiently treat all the desired areas of your vehicle’s interior.

Added Benefits

In addition to its cleaning and disinfecting capabilities, Wipe Out also contains an anti-static agent. This not only imparts a natural sheen to the cleaned surfaces but also helps reduce dust build-up, keeping the interior cleaner for longer.

Product Specifications

  • Total Size: H 245.00mm x W 75.00mm x D 75.00mm
  • Weight: 1,200.00g

Wipe Out is the ideal solution for maintaining a clean, fresh, and germ-free environment inside your vehicle, ensuring every detail is perfect, down to the microscopic level.

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