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Auto Finesse Revive Trim dressing

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Auto Finesse® Revive Trim Gel is an essential detailing product designed to rejuvenate exterior plastics, providing a durable, water-resistant finish. Its silicone-based formula expertly darkens and restores color to faded trim, leaving a subtle satin finish that remains dry to the touch. Unlike conventional dressings, Revive offers exceptional protection against future fading, UV damage, and weathering, ensuring your vehicle's trim maintains a factory-fresh appearance with lasting hydrophobic properties. Ideal for both classic and modern cars, this trim gel stands up to regular washing, keeping your trim looking revitalized week after week.

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Reviews (1)

I purchased this item because it was on sale. Although I was satisfied with the product I had been using, I was curious to see if this one could offer better durability for trim dressing. The application process is extremely simple; it spreads very easily and smoothly, leaving a factory-fresh, as-new finish. I'm yet to determine its longevity, but so far, I am impressed.

Submitted by Mikhail.Urnov on Thu, 04/25/2024 - 18:20
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