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Auto Finesse Oblitarate Gel
Tar & Glue Remover

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Discover the power of ObliTARate Gel, a solvent-based formula engineered for swift dissolution of stubborn contaminants. With its high viscosity, it clings to surfaces, maximizing contact time for thorough breakdown of tar, glue, and rubber residues. Ideal for paintwork decontamination, it ensures a safer, marring-free preparation for polishing. Exercise caution on delicate finishes, testing before use to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Dissolves tar, glue, and rubber on contact, minimizing scratches during decon
Viscous formula clings to surfaces, enhancing contaminant breakdown for easy wipe-off
Safe on most finishes; test on delicate surfaces to avoid damage
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ObliTARate Gel: A Powerful Solvent-Based Formula

Introduction to ObliTARate Gel ObliTARate Gel is an exceptionally powerful solvent-based formula designed to dissolve stubborn, sticky contaminants on contact. This chemical removal process is a vital part of the paintwork decontamination stage and is essential for minimizing the risk of marring and scratching during subsequent clay bar decontamination and polishing stages.

User-Friendly Features ObliTARate Gel is extremely user-friendly and has been developed as a highly viscous liquid that lingers on surfaces for the maximum possible penetration time. This assists in the chemical breakdown of contaminants, allowing even the harshest sticky residues to be safely wiped away with a microfiber cloth.

Effective Contaminant Removal Immediately upon application, the solvent starts to dissolve heavy contaminants such as tar, glue, and rubber splatter. It effectively melts away pollutants, ensuring that they physically bleed off the surface. ObliTARate Gel is also suitable for removing traffic cone rash, factory protective wax coatings, residue from old stickers, decals, badges, and even overspray.

Precautionary Measures Please note that ObliTARate Gel is an extremely strong product and may cause damage to fresh paint, SMART repairs, uncatalyzed lacquers, and some delicate vintage finishes. If using the product on these surfaces, proceed with caution and test on an inconspicuous area beforehand. If no hazing or swelling of the finish is present (and no paint gets transferred to your applicator or microfiber towel), you can use ObliTARate Gel with confidence.

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