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Auto Finesse Ceramic
Spray Wax

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Transform your vehicle's appearance with this easy-to-apply Ceramic Spray Wax, offering instant deep gloss and durable SiO2 protection. Suitable for all gloss paint and vinyl wraps, it provides up to 3 months of ultra-hydrophobic, glossy protection, ideal for quick detailing and maintenance.

Instant deep gloss with easy spray and wipe application
Lasts up to 3 months with durable SiO2 protection
Suitable for all gloss paints and vinyl wraps
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Ceramic Spray Wax: Fast-Acting, Professional-Level Ceramic Coating

Overview of Ceramic Spray Wax

Ceramic Spray Wax introduces a next-generation ceramic coating that can be applied easily with just a spray and a wipe. This super-advanced, SiO2-based formula is designed for quick and straightforward application, akin to a spray wax but with the durable properties of a ceramic coating. It instantly chemically bonds to the surface, creating a slick, glossy, and ultra-hydrophobic layer that provides long-lasting protection and a deep, show car shine for up to 3 months.

Professional-Grade, Fast-Acting Formula

Developed as a professional-level finishing ceramic coating spray, Ceramic Spray Wax is perfect for speed-conscious detailers, trade professionals, and car show enthusiasts. It can be used to add or top up long-lasting protection every time you detail your vehicle, making it an ideal solution for those always on the go.

Advanced SiO2 Ceramic Technology

The key ingredient, Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), forms strong chemical bonds with the top layer of your paint or lacquer. This creates a hard barrier that is impervious to moisture, grime, chemicals, and environmental contamination. The bonded SiO2 layer smooths out microscopic recesses in the paintwork or vinyl, hardening to leave a perfectly level hydrophobic barrier that is completely smooth. This makes water bead off the surface and prevents particulates from sticking, protecting against corrosion and oxidation.

Enhanced Visual Appeal and Ease of Cleaning

SiO2 coatings are engineered to be perfectly clear, allowing light to pass through to the paint layer and reflect back uniformly. This enhances the appearance of the paintwork, giving it a deeper, glossier look similar to a car wax but with superior durability. The coating makes the vehicle far easier to clean during subsequent maintenance washes.

Safe and Versatile Application

Ceramic Spray Wax is safe to use on all gloss paint types and vinyl wraps. It serves as both a stand-alone product for adding a quick, long-lasting protective layer and as a maintenance top-up for other SiO2-based ceramic coatings like the Caramics Paintwork Protection Kit. Application is efficient and economical: simply mist over approximately half a panel at a time, spread, and buff to achieve a high gloss shine.

Product Specifications

  • Supplied ready-to-use in 500ml spray bottles.
  • Do not apply in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
  • Store upright at all times.
  • Dimensions: H 245.00mm x W 60.00mm x D 60.00mm.
  • Weight: 550.00g.

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Ceramic Spray Wax, along with our full range of ceramic coatings and protection products, can be found in our Ceramic Coatings category.

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